Establishing a regular Shipping line from Iran to India

According to ILNA news and the public relations of the shipping of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Captain Mohammad Reza Ahmadizadeh, said: Bandar Abbas port Connects Navashiva, Kandla ports in India and Jabal Ali ports in the UAE for transportations export containers and is ready to expand to other Indian ports upon request.

He added: “By launching this line, the Exporters can easily export their goods to Indian ports through Valfajr Shipping Company Containers.”

Establishment of a direct container line between Chabahar and the Kandlai port in India


With the establishment of a direct container shipping line between Chabahar and Kandlai port in India, the direct connection of Indian ports to Chabahar reduced the time interval between the two countries to less than two days.

According to the IRIB news agency, (The Information Network of the Iranian Maritime Society-MANA), the shipping company of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to establish a fast and direct connection of container transport between the ports of Iran and India and in cooperation with the Chabahar Free Zone Organization. A direct container line has been set up from the ports of Mondra and Candela to Chabahar.

The direct shipping line uses two ships belonging to the shipping fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran to transport cargo from Indian ports to Chabahar.

According to this report, on its first voyage, the ship “Arezoo” carried 300 containers of Candela origin and the ship “Yaran” transported 141 containers of Mondra origin to Chabahar. With the establishment of this line, traders and owners of goods can exchange their import and export containerload directly between the two countries in less than two days.

It should be noted that the opening of this line has a great impact on activating the transit corridor in the east of the country and the economic development of the region.


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