Transportation of more than 2 million tons of goods from the borders of Khuzestan

2 million 21 thousand 282 tons of goods were transhipped in the first 10 months of this year from the borders of Khuzestan (transportation of goods to the middle destination and then to the main destination).



During this period, 886,182 tons of goods were transported by 35,313 trucks across the Shalamcheh border, which is an increase of 109% in tonnage and 211% in the number of trips compared to the same period.

The share of goods transhipped from Chazabeh terminal in the mentioned period was one million 135 thousand and 100 tons by 22 thousand 702 trucks, which shows a growth of 76% in both tonnage and number of trips compared to the same period last year.

In total, this amount of goods has been transhipped by 58,015 trucks.

The main goods transited from the Chazabeh border terminals are construction materials, leeks, food, mechanical and household equipment, dairy and aquaculture, wood and iron.


Steel products, construction materials, cement and clinker (cement raw materials) and power plant parts are transhipped products from the border of Shalamcheh to Iraq.


The land borders of Chazabeh and Shalamcheh and the sea border of Khorramshahr from July 2003 after the overthrow of the Ba’athist regime in Iraq gradually for the export of goods and in October of the same year The holy shrines were reopened for the departure of the pilgrims.

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